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This ongoing practice groups explores a topic each week that will expand your mindfulness toolkit and provide the opportunity for committed, engaged practice with a responsive facilitator. 
 Each 45-minute session consists of a focused teaching, a reflection exercise, accompanying guided meditation, applications for mindfulness in daily life and sharing/questions time. Jaime facilitates these practice groups as a mindfulness mentor (no direct coaching is involved). Drop-in or long-term attendance is welcomed.

This offering is supported by donations


Introduction to Mindfulness

Participants will learn the foundational skills of mindfulness meditation, a toolkit that can be applied across life's moments of joy, suffering and everything in between. Mindfulness practice helps build habits of mind that orient us toward a life lived with more openness, ease and compassion. 

Mindfulness meditation helps improve concentration and resilience.  With practice, mindfulness reduces reactivity and helps us learn to respond to life from a place of love and wisdom. It makes us more present with ourselves and with others which greatly impacts the way we communicate and behave.

Teachings and practices will build a foundation in mindfulness of breath, body, motion, emotions and thoughts as well as self-compassion training. This course is an active training meant to awaken skills and develop practices that can support all areas of your life. It is not intended to be an hour of relaxation (although sometimes that might be experienced).

Participants will have access to accompanying guided meditations for practice and one 30-minute individual session with Jaime to be scheduled once the course has begun.

6 Sessions, 1 hour in a small group setting online
a single 30-minute individual session online
10 guided meditation recordings

8:00-9:00pm Pacific Time

Course Begins January 5, 2023 and concludes February 9, 2023


Register below and you will be sent an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, login information will be provided.
*minimum 4 participants*

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