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This ongoing practice groups explores a topic each week that will expand your mindfulness toolkit and provide the opportunity for committed, engaged practice with a responsive facilitator. 
 Each 45-minute session consists of a focused teaching, a reflection exercise, accompanying guided meditation, applications for mindfulness in daily life and sharing/questions time. Jaime facilitates these practice groups as a mindfulness mentor (no direct coaching is involved). Drop-in or long-term attendance is welcomed.

This offering is supported by donations

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Mind Training for the Holidays

Many of us suffer greatly during the last few months of the calendar year. Demands on our time, resources and attention are great - and we often end up feeling anxious, down and stressed. What is often a favorite time of year upon first glance, becomes a most dreaded time of year. Rather than “getting through it” how about bringing practices of awareness and compassion into your daily life so that you can savor your experiences, cultivate peace and be with whatever arises with a bit more calm and presence?

I developed this short course in mindfulness coaching to support you through end-of-the-year stress. With mindfulness, intention and practice you can show up during this season with more ease and joy. If you are a person who suffers during this time of year, consider pro-actively changing your experience by stepping into mindfulness coaching.

This mini coaching program combines direct teaching, deepening your mindfulness practice wherever you are in your development, coaching around your specific goals and intentions, and focus around common themes that emerge this time of year.

4 Sessions, 45 minutes each online only


Inquire below and begin your coaching short course to support you during this upcoming holiday season.

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