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Mindfulness Coaching

Service Description

I partner with people who are ready to incorporate mindfulness into their lives to better cope with stress. When you're time is scheduled to the maximum and rushing feels like the dominant mode, it can be challenging to devote energy to managing stress with intention and commitment. You have a demanding job, you might have kids, you’re pulled in many directions. And much of your time might also be filtered through the lens of stress - resistance, negativity, operating on autopilot, feeling disembodied. Even with all of this, you can create a life that is less dominated by the negative effects of stress. It often feels like everyone experiences stress and this is just the way life is. And yet, with intention, a readiness to change your behaviors and attitudes about stress and a thoughtful change plan in place, it is possible to live a life with more ease, relaxation and joy... a life where you can operate in wise relationship to stress. I'll accompany you through an individualized program where you'll discover how to realize the changes you'd like to see in your life. As a mindfulness and health and well being coach, and a person who has lived with both a serious chronic illness and a meditation practice for 13 years, I bring awareness, compassion and mindfulness tools into my coaching practice to help you develop and commit to changed behavior that can bring more ease, relaxation, and joy into your life. I accompany you as you develop the intentions, strategies and actions to improve your self-care because you matter and it's time for change. **If you are local to Orange County, in-person coaching is available.** If you're thinking about mindfulness coaching and are: - new to mindfulness or have limited practice in place - ready to explore and play with mindfulness meditation - open to expand your perspective around the domains of your life - hoping to live a life less dominated by the negative effects of stress - committed to at least twelve sessions over an agreed amount of time to support the establishment of your practice ... then mindfulness coaching may be the next step. Sign up for a free 30-minute call and we'll discover how mindfulness coaching can help you develop the changes you'd like to see in your life.

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