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Walking Meditation

Service Description

Join weekly in community to practice walking meditation. The hour will be broken into community introductions and teaching + instructions, walking meditation and will end with time for reflection, questions and discussion centering on practicing mindfulness in our daily lives. This group is suitable for those with the ability to move along on a flat pathway for 30 minutes in silence. Humans of every race, cultural/gender/sexual identity, and age are welcome. Walking meditation is a practice in bringing awareness and compassion into our movements, into our bodies and therefore into our lives in a very accessible way. Those who practice walking meditation develop the understanding that mindfulness can be practiced anywhere. Through this practice, we get an intimate awareness of our body and what it means to cultivate peace. The Welcoming Path by Thich Nhat Hanh The empty path welcomes you, fragrant with grass and little flowers, the path paved with paddy fields still bearing the marks of your childhood and the fragrance of mother's hand. Walk leisurely, peacefully. Your feet touch the Earth deeply. Don't let your thoughts carry you away, come back to the path every moment. The path is your dear friend. She will transmit to you her solidity, and her peace. This groups runs the school-year schedule and begins August 12. No mindfulness meditation experience necessary. This is a donation-based drop-in group. No RSVP necessary. Donations from 0-$10 received in person or via @mindfulnesswithjaime on Venmo. If you would like to be added to the reminder email list for walking meditation, send me a short e-mail expressing your interest to

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