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Weekly Mindfulness Practice Group
Mindful Coaching for Individuals
Monday Morning Practice Group

What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is paying attention with tenderness and wonder - seeing whatever is before you and meeting it with an open, curious attitude. Awareness and love together help maintain presence even in the face of difficulty.

Scientists have confirmed that the benefits of practicing mindfulness are far reaching and improve well being in powerful ways. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, align your values and behavior, be a more patient parent, or simply not sweat the small stuff - mindfulness coaching can help.

What is Mindfulness Coaching?


Working with a mindfulness coach is like having a personal trainer for your mind. I work with busy professionals who want to establish a mindfulness practice to better cope with stress.

Together we design and implement a sustainable mindfulness meditation practice that helps you build self-awareness across the domains of your life resulting in more ease, joy, compassion and resilience.


Laura Curtin-Ross image of elephant being carried by doves, "Fly away"

Wonder, tenderness, support, play, choice, flexibility and an openness to the possibility of living an intentional, savored life - this is the crux of mindfulness practice.

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