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Mindfulness Mentoring

What is Mindfulness Mentoring?

Often mindfulness practice requires touch points to be able to maintain, strengthen, extend and integrate awareness and compassion across the domains of life. Some people support their practice by attending practice groups or retreats. Others prefer check-ins on an individual basis. For those who have an already established mindfulness practice, mentorship can provide a meaningful way to support your practice.


In a mindfulness mentorship you can expect:

Honest reflection of your strengths

Support in integrating mindfulness into daily life

Time spent examining life through a mindfulness lens to gain greater perspective

Equanimity and steps toward wise action

A safe, brave space where questions, challenges and setbacks can be explored

Interactive guided meditations and inquiry according to your needs and wants

The commitment of a long term relationship where conversations occur from heart to heart

Individualized scheduling as needed

Who is it for?

If your mindfulness practice is established and ongoing and you are looking for a long-term mentor to check-in with from time to time, we can schedule a free consultation to decide if we'd be a good fit for one another. Mindfulness mentoring often comes after coaching. It is for those looking a less structured relationship and process for gaining long-term mindfulness support. If you're unsure whether mentoring or coaching is best for you, here is a resource that clarifies the roles.

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