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Introducing Jaime's new blog!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

A new space for engaging about mindfulness, learning how to incorporate awareness into your daily life, mindfulness coaching resources and more.

Welcome to the new blog at Mindfulness with Jaime. This is a space where teachings meet you wherever you are on your journey to live with more intention, more presence and a bit more grace. A life filled with intention, awareness and grace…. Sounds ideal, right? And polished, and maybe a bit too nice and not the reality for most people. Your days might look more like running from commitment to commitment, multi-tasking, losing time to fatigue, feeling guilty for not being more present with your kids, self, friends or partner. Maybe you have an undercurrent of anxiety, illness or dis-ease complicating how you relate to life - you are not alone.

Consider for a moment that the possibility exists to live with more intention, presence and grace. Even in small doses a little mindfulness can transform lives. The small moments of the day matter, although they are often experienced on autopilot. The small moments are the ingredients that make up the whole of your life... each one matters.

Intention is a helpful place to start. It sets the compass that behavior, thoughts and actions follow. Intentions live in you - deep in your heart - they are aligned with your values. Not sure what yours are - haven't given them much thought? Bringing awareness to intentions is a practice, and you can begin at any time.

Tomorrow morning when your alarm goes off, try giving yourself a few minutes awake in bed before you place your feet on the floor. Don't grab your phone or immediately focus on the parts of your body that feel unwell. Notice what it is like to be awake, to breath, to have another day before you, full of possibility. Ask yourself: what matters most to me? Breath easily as you notice what comes up. Not judging the answers (they are good enough and you are doing this right).

Intentions are not goals for getting tasks done. They are big ideas that guide you - my family matters most to me, I intend to connect with them meaningfully each day... Compassion matters to me, I intend to show up to encounters with others with an open, understanding heart... Wellness matters to me, I intend to give myself time each day to exercise, meditate and communicate with authenticity... Your intentions are yours, practice discovering what they are each morning for a week and see what happens.

How do your intentions guide your daily life? You’re invited to leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for next’s week’s blog where I’ll focus on awareness and then grace to follow that.

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